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Dirt Bike Goggles: Complete Buying Guide Inc Prices (2019)

Ever ridden in the dust without dirt bike goggles?


Tried it once, not again.

So dirt bike goggles are handy


They also have their own issues

IE. Fogging up.

So it can be a challenge finding the right pair that works.

This is where I can help.

I’ve spent hours compiling and researching the best goggles and putting them in an easy to read buying chart.

Here you can filter by price, brand anti-fog etc. (See below)

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If you cant be bothered doing your own research I also provide some product recommendations.

O’h and just so you know, I,m not going to pretend that I have tried all the products listed.

Sure I research at length, but even if I had tried them all, what works for me wont necessarily work for you.

So I’d rather provide the necessary tools so you can make your own informed purchase decision.

OK, lets Get started !!!!

Oakley O-Frame $39.003.52Years
NY331 Reviews
Oakley Airbrake $160.00122Years
1 Reviews
Strata Speedlab $34.997.21 YearUrethaneNY
176 Reviews
100% Accuri OTG $60.009.31 YearN/AYN6 Reviews
Fox Racing Main Goggle$24.956.71 YearN/ANN53 Reviews
Scott Sports Agent Mini Youth $15.303.2N/AN/ANY167 Reviews
100% unisex-adult $66.18N/A1 YearUrethaneNY14 Reviews
JAMIEWIN Motocross Goggles$16.995.630
242 Reviews
Oakley L-Frame MX Sand $40.008.82 YearsN/AYY28 Reviews

Dirt Bike Goggles: Recommendations

Best Value Goggles Overall

Oakley O Frame

Dirt bike goggles are pretty much like every other element of riding gear when making a purchase. You can spend a little or a lot. These Oakley O-Frame ‘s are an excellent value proposition as they are far from the most expensive and not in the cheap and nasty category. They have excellent features for what you pay for such as anti-fog, class leading lens testing and carbon fiber construction. I can’t find another goggle that has these features for the same price. An ideal option for a beginner dirt biker.
Customer star ratings average

Best Discount / Budget Dirt Bike Goggles

Jamiewin Off-road goggles

Not everyone starting out in dirt biking has the budget for top of the line riding gear. That doesn’t mean you have to suffer by going without. The JAMIEWIN goggles are no-frills as far as exotic materials go. But…. They will keep the dust out and provide some help in keeping lens fog away. A good starting goggle for those on a budget. I would look at upgrading if you think you will do a more riding to ensure better eye protection and anti-fogging.
Customer star ratings average

Goggles For Youth

Scott Sports Agent Mini


As I have previously wrote, you dont want to skimp when it comes to safety for your kids. After all they are will be constantly learing their riding skills and you want to make them as safe as possible. Scott is a well known and trusted brand with its origins in ski gear. The Scott Sports Agent Mini Youth Goggles are a good starting point for your kids with a low price. They have low allergenic foam sealling and come with an ant-fog lens not often seen at this price point. The main selling point of these goggles is their simplicity.
Customer star ratings average




Best Goggles That Fit Over Prescription Glasses

Oakley L-Frame

Like previous Oakley products I have recommended before the L-Frame Sand has the all performance attributes such as well tested lenses and foam sealing around the face. The main attribute of this product is it allows a set of prescription glasses to be worn underneath the goggles. The lenses have anti fog and ant-scratch treatments so that minimal visual distractions occur from having two sets of lenses to look through. IE your glasses and the goggles. Oh, and the price is also competitive.
Customer star ratings average

Dirt Bike Goggles For Enduro Riding

Oakley Air Brake


If enduro riding is your thing then you really need a set of goggle that meets all kinds of conditions.

This can vary from dry and dusty to wet and foggy.

The changing condition and environments require a goggle that can go the distance, and in this situation, it is hard to go past the Oakley Airbrake MX.

 These things are state of the art in terms of technology and have super tough lenses made from plutonite.

They have good breathability and the lenses can be easily switched out should your conditions change ie. going from bright sunlight to dark and cloudy.

Customer star ratings average
Which goggle tint for dirt bike riding

Dirt Bike Goggles: Maintenance

How To Stop Goggles From Fogging Up

If you currently own goggles and don’t want to fork out for anti-fog upgrades then you could try some anti-fog spray or a fog blocker CLICK HERE. These products don’t cost much and they are easy to carry on a ride. If the sprays don’t work then you can see if your goggles will take a double lens upgrade which can solve the problem without having to upgrade to a new pair.

How To Keep Dust Out Of Goggles

Second only to fog blocking your vision as you ride, is dust!  

In the Australian climate and plenty of the US, dust can be a huge problem. 

If you are riding on your own or are in front of a group then it’s not so bad, but when you’re behind someone in dusty conditions then it becomes a problem.

DON’T SMASH YOUR ANKLES: Find the best dirt bike boots

It only takes a small gap between your face and your goggles and voila, in comes the dust. Thankfully there are a few ways to combat this problem.

Firstly, ensure that your goggles are fitted correctly by adjusting the tension of the strap.

Secondly, apply some baby oil on the foam to ensure a better seal between your face and the goggles.

Third, some Vaseline or petroleum jelly applied on the lower inside of the frame can help to trap any dirt that might enter the goggles.

And finally, if these three tips fail it might be time to invest in a new set of goggles that has a good seal around your face.  The Oakley Air brake (See chart) would be a good option, although expensive. 

How To Clean Dirt Bike Goggles

If you are not using a lens system to keep your goggles clean then manually cleaning is important as you want as clear a view as possible.

For a quick clean simply rinse under water if filthy then use a lens cleaner. 

To do a thorough clean completely remove the lens from the goggle frame and then clean all over. Try not to handle the top of the lens when re-installing as you are likely to smudge the lens, handle it on the sides and bottom and your view will be crystal clear when it comes to riding.

Many goggle manufacturers supply a cloth or microfiber bag when you purchase goggles, always use this for storage as most goggle lenses will scratch easily. 

Some people keep their goggles on the helmet where the face guard extends out. I have found that over time this stretches the elastic band too much and eventually creates a looser fit. 

Try to keep them on your face or take off completely.


Roll Off VS Tear Off Lenses

Prior to roll offs and tear offs you were basically stuck with a dirty lens or constantly cleaning. 

Both lens systems are designed to keep your view clear. 

The roll-offs work like the old camera film, you pull a chord and a new section of the lens appears before your eyes.

Similarly, the pull-offs have a tab on one side and you pull off one of the many layers of lenses so that you get a clear view. The pull-offs can be a problem if you end up pulling all the lenses off at once instead of just one.

I have not personally used these systems but I can definitely see the advantage of them particularly if you are into motocross or even enduro riding where conditions can change a lot.


The Wash Up

Hopefully you are now armed with the right information to make a much more informed purchase decision regarding dirt bike goggles.

Finding the right set is a balance between budget, comfort safety features and usability.

Looking after them with regular maintenance will help to increase longevity and ultimately improve your riding.

All the best!

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