Affordable Dirt Bike Gifts 2019

 Finding dirt bike gifts can be a real challenge when you don’t know much about the sport.

My dirt bike gift buying guide solves this problem as it covers a wide range of age groups and prices.

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As a long time dirt biker, I put my thinking cap on to come up with the type of gift I would have liked.

Let’s kick off this guide with those kids lucky enough to start their dirt bike journey at a young age.

Kids 7+


Kids Helmet, Goggles and Gloves kit

What eight year old wouldn’t like this little pack of joy?

An ideal starter kit for a child just beginning their dirt bike journey.

Available in a range of colors and sizes.

Even better this kit represents excellent value for money when combining all products.

Kids 10+


Kids Electric Dirt Bike

Take out the hassle of managing gas and other service issues by going electric for your child’s first bike.

The manufacturer says kids aged 14+ but I feel this bike would be too small.

You can use my dirt bike sizing chart to ensure this bike will be the right size for your child.

Kids 10+


Customizable Metal Retro Room Sign

Quite frankly this gift would suit a range of age groups.

I’m pretty sure most kids would love it but I can see dad with a smile on his face placing it in the workshop or pool room.

Fully customizable with your loved one’s name.

Made and printed in the good o’l USA



Dirt Bike
Gear Bag

This gift won’t make you ride faster but it will certainly help keep your gear organized.

As you may know, dirt bike riding involves lots of equipment and accessories, this bag solves the problem of keeping all it together by having lots of pockets and storage options to pack away all your stuff in one place.

There is enough room for a helmet, boots and goggles as well as smaller bits and pieces such as gloves and spares etc.

Teens Young Adults


Action Camera

Where were action cameras when I was a teen? This technology has been around for a while now and the GoPro range of cameras are tried and tested. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget for a GoPro but this is where the AKASO range of action cameras fill the void. Priced modestly compared to the competition these cameras still pack loads of features such as 4k resolution and have a stack of accessories such as helmet mounts.

2,757 Reviews

Teens Young Adults


Dirt Bike Video Game

Gaming is massive these days so why not combine your loved one’s dirt biking hobby with an awesome video game.

Any teen or young adult will love this game that focuses on motocross riding.

Customization allows gamers to play around with the bike set up ensuring a realistic experience and hours of fun. 

27 Reviews

Dirt Bike Gifts For Adults


Dirt Bike Hydration Pack

If you are looking for a practical and helpful gift then a hydration pack is a great option.

This hydration pack not only helps to keep thirst at bay, it also has room for extra spares etc. which can be invaluable from a space point of view.

I like to take a few snacks and important tools in mine and you really don’t notice the pack on your back when riding.

374 Reviews



Dirt Bike Rider Manual

Not everyone has the benefit of starting out dirt bike riding early in life.

But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the information you need to enjoy riding.

The Total Dirt Rider manual is a great hard copy resource for a beginner starting out to get an idea of what is required when riding dirt bikes.

All bases are covered and you will always have information on hand particularly when doing maintenance.

Other Dirt Bike Gift Ideas

Dirt Bike Riding Gear

Dirt bike riding gear is always a safe option when looking for dirt bike gifts.

Dirt bike goggles are a good example.

They can wear out quickly with regular use or an upgrade to higher performance specs is always appreciated.

I wrote a buying guide including prices for goggles which you access right here.

It covers everything you need to know about finding the right pair.

Even some quality Anti Fog Goggle Spray  would be an excellent stocking filler.


Dirt Bike Accessories

There are numerous dirt bike accessories that enhance the riding experience.

For example, a dirt bike stand can make the world of difference when it comes to maintenance and fine tuning.

A dirt bike stand also makes it safer to work on a dirt bike which cant be a bad thing.

See more examples of dirt biking accessories via this link.

Whether your a 7-year-old or a 55-year-old, my dirt bike guide has the right gift for all age groups.

All the best big Gav!

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